Friday, October 18, 2013

Glammed Up DIY Picture Frame

Good evening! Well today I stopped in a second hand shop that I haven't been in for ages. I just needed one more piece for this project... That and I I like "window shopping" too. ~ the bed warmers, depression glass & old phone desks (also known as gossip chair) were what I admired the most.

I had found the old picture frame out in my shop, my mom gave me a few pieces old jewelry she was hanging on to. The small pearl beaded necklace in the upper left was broken already was my grandmothers, the earrings my mom wore to my first wedding and the pin in the lower corner I believe is an Avon pin. So that's nice having the memories. The other odds & ends I had about the house. The loose pearl beads were left over from some stretch bracelets I made in the past. 

If you would like to make one for yourself- (easy)

Materials Needed:
1.) a picture frame, I used a 4 x 6 that was silver colored 
2.) glue gun & sticks of glue 
3.) lots of beads & baubles! 
4.) a picture to display in the finished product 
To get started: 
Lay a piece of cardboard or newspaper under your work area. 
Plug in your glue gun, get hot. keep your beads in a bowl, pendants nearby.  

Next "dry fit" some beads to get an area to start. Also I placed the lager pieces around the frame early on to have those balance out the finished piece. 

Start gluing on your beads & baubles until the entire work area is covered.

Insert picture and sit back and admire your new piece of art! 

use hot glue gun to add pearls & pins to give new life to an old picture frame

decorated picture frame 
Check out yard-sales, thrift shops, even ask friends or relatives if they have old broken jewelry; earrings, necklaces, pins, pendants, bracelets. You will need to break the backs off the earrings & pins for sure. You can purchase the pearl beads for crafts at Walmart and of course check what you have, you may surprise yourself at what you find!

sitting on mantle 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

What wonderful weather this week here in North Carolina! 
Hope everyone is enjoying the change in the season as much as I am!

Well, its not much of a project but I have this smaller grapevine wreath that had seen its better days until I replaced the faded spring eggs with some clean and bright fall colors.
I found 2 bunches of mum flowers at Family dollar. I cut the stems apart with wire cutters and just weaved them in. No glue or any type of adhesive needed. 
Definitely adds a pop of color hanging up by the front door. 

 Here is a picture taken the same day with my oldest daughter, my grand-daughter & me. 
My youngest daughter was taking the picture. "girl time!" Yay!. 

 My grand-daughter, my 2 daughters (my oldest shown) and  me = Girl Time!