Monday, April 7, 2014

My Newest Rag Quilt

I LOVE making these rag quilts! Here's my latest:

42 x 42 flannel rag quilt for baby/toddler with teal, orange & green

I just love the fabric & colors in this one! (ah-that's what I always say)

in process
To the left the picture shows the fabric strips front & back stitched with just a straight stitch down the center. A zigzag or other decorative stitch would be an interesting touch as well as trying contrasting threads.
And -with this quilt I'll be using the extra fabric to make a matching bib.

I've collected several brand new baby spoons, I like them b/c they are well crafted from Germany. Add a ribbon to keep the spoon & bib bound, then a lager one or a basket makes a nice one of a kind gift.