Friday, June 6, 2014

Designing Cottage Style - presently getting a remake

thank you for your patients while the site is going through a total remodel,

I have only jumbled it along the way up till now; no sense even having one with-out really heartfelt writing and content.

I have received my new replacement camera, so I will be taking pictures to post again, yay!
You will see more diy tutorials,
(the WorldWideWeb just can't have enough of these,) ha

Fun holiday stuff with the kids & grand-kids, and my re-doing & decorating my cape cod.
Along with decorating, sewing, gardening, and lots of things girly!!
and more links, favorites of course, these are helpful, fun & right here so I can get to them quick,
and you can too.

Savings, coupons, reusing, and ways to earn some extra money from home;
and a linking to my Pinterest - we love that site! no?

and, all being done on my new Asus pc. my old Dell studio motherboard decided not to work anymore.
I am so excited how modern this new computer is! wow
Thank-You Fingerhut! I love Fingerhut  :)

hope to see you soon, Robin xox