Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jewelry Organizer Using an old Rake

jewelry display re-use for metal garden rake

Good Morning!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (my fav!) and when I came across two broken rakes in the shop I scooped them up for sure!

This is so helpful! It's on the wall besides my dresser. All my jewelry is right there. Earrings are in my jewelry box right under this..
and by "Box" I mean box. Tangled mess it was. I actually forgot I had some of my pieces.

So next time your rake breaks maybe find a use for it by hanging jewelry or spatulas!

and yup, I also have one in the kitchen for my serving spoons, spatulas etc. My girlfriend down the street wants one too. She loves it. and very convenient & good 'ol country  decor.

I Love gardens & I guess it shows.

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