Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Dream Catcher made from a Lace Doily I found at a yard-sale Saturday ...

lace dream catcher

Well ~ Saturday I found what is now the center of this lace dream catcher. I had everything else on hand & like to keep busy while watching T.V. so here is what I did with it tonight.

This measures 26" long and 10" wide.

I used some glass Murano beads w/ .925 sterling core & one silver dangle flower charm on the center green tail. The heart you see above is a lampwork green heart bead. I love the white lace & pretty green!

My next dream catchers I have materials for are horse-shoes! I have some suede, hemp string for the center web, wooden beads for the tails. brown/ivory feathers.

So, I'll be posting those when finished,

Has anyone made a dream catcher, or have one, that is made from a horse-shoe?

I also have some end boards from the lumberyard scrap, still with bark on the sides, so I'll be making some wall hook plaques using the boards, horse-shoes & nails from the shoes.

But First! - I found this bedside table with two drawers for 3$ at the yard-sale Saturday too!
I brought down my turquoise & white paint from upstairs.

After a really good cleaning & sanding I am painting the turquoise color all over, the white I am using a large lace for a stencil along the top of each drawer. (I must be going through a "lace" phase ha!) I will find a really pretty liner for the drawers too. The knobs are nickle & I like, so I'll re-use with this one.


  1. Robin, you've always been able to do anything... I'm not surprised~ ;-) I look forward to seeing how many more phases you go through...lace is just the first I am guessing. xo

  2. haha, i'm actually trying to clear out some baskets, so I can just focus on my rag quilting :) here's some examples : http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=rag+quilts
    I have the fabric chosen and here already! its so cute! I'll post it when I start! Thank you ~ xox