Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crazy Daisy Afghan or Bed Scarf

I started my daisies for my bed scarf! I had this Crazy Daisy Winder as a child, I came across a 1933 afghan I just loved! so there is my first inspiration!

I had first purchased / tried the kind with the plastic "pins" they sell at Walmart but didn't have much luck as the pins kept falling out. So I ordered one on eBay it is the exact kind I had along time ago! It works wonderful! The daisies go quick! 

Just takes a few minutes during TV watching to make a daisy. I am winding 3 rows & will keep the diamond pattern as shown in the picture above when joining the together. I just used the color I had on hand, it is the "sugar & cream" brand. 

crazy daisy winder

If you decide you would like to loom up some daisies go here for tutorial: 

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