Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ooops Paint

Do you check out the "oops" shelf at your local Lowe's & Home Depot when visiting?
I do! I'll tell you why, many of these are only $5 !
Not any decent colors you say?
Well that ugly dark mud color mixed with a $13.50 gallon of white paint make two beautiful perfect color gallons for the living dining-room!
added that Valspar $5 rebate and bam! free :)

so remember, next time you see that dark mistake think what you can mix it with, usually white... or maybe you have some light blue or some yellow left over at home at home? I haven't wasted an oops yet!

and even better yet I found 2 double roll designer wallpaper that I couldn't have chosen a better match, $1 each at Habitate Store. reg $26 ea. I'll post when done, hopefully soon, it will look so nice when done!

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