Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Elements of Cape Cod Style

My Cape Cod in North Carolina
What it is: This popular cottage style traces its origins to colonial New England and is characterized by its low, broad profile, generally a story and a half tall, with a steeply pitched roof with end gables. 

Why you'll love it: This is the quintessential American cottage style. The floor plans are typically cozy and efficient, and the simple, symmetrical exteriors are ripe for curb appeal embellishments such as shutters, window boxes and pedestrian paths. Nothing says "home sweet home" quite like Cape Cod cottages.

Element: A steeply pitched roof with side gables. This is one of the most consistent characteristics of this style. 
Element: Double dormers. They punctuate the steep rooflines of many Cape Cod homes. The most common type of dormer used is a gabled one, which features a simple pitched roof with two sloping sides. 
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How to make it your own: In addition to boosting curb appeal, dormers create additional floor space in the area tucked under the roofs, helping convert once unused attics into livable space.

Element: A wide front porch. Colonial versions of the style did not have front porches, due to climate and construction concerns, but they are common in revival incarnations of the look. 

How to make it your own: Pairs of planters and sconces on either side of entries can create the appearance of symmetry even when the fundamental layout is asymmetrical.

How to make it your own: Painting heavy trim surrounding entries white is one way to get a similar effect without calling in a carpenter. Another simple way to highlight the entry is to paint the door itself a bright color.


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