Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bathroom Re-Do Phase 1 Before & After

so 80's bathroom :)

Phase 1

The shower/toilet area was separated by a wall from the vanity area. 

too many doors, too dark.

Notice the arch we did instead of squaring it off. 

There was a little water damage to sub-floor due to the commode wiggling. It was this way when I purchased the house. I did put in 2 wax rings that kept it secure for awhile. 

So we replaced a bit of plywood on the floor. We needed to purchase the plastic ring the bolts screwed into. That was what was broke. That was gorilla glued to the pipe! The only choice we had was cutting it off. It was easy to get to while the plywood was removed giving footing to the crawl space below. 

We bought the vanity top and had the vanity made to fit it. Soft close door & dark wood with just a little sanding around the edges to give it a slight distress look. Love it!

This was the first time removing popcorn ceiling. 
It was so easy! 

A spray bottle filled with water was used and then it scrapped right off with a plastic putty knife! I'll be doing the other rooms now I know how easy it is. Clean up was not as bad as I thought it would be. 
Also rubber-band the shop vac end to the putty knife & catch some before it hits the floor. 

The tiles are just dry fitted in this pic.  It looks & feels so much bigger! 

The small part of the wall was kept due to a vent pipe. (surprise!)
It gave us a place to keep the light switch though so that was good. 
We chose one that lights up in the dark so you can find it at night. 
That is cool. 

And I really like how the arch came out, gives some nice definition. We bought a thin board and cut to fit, screw it in, then mud, sand. mud, sand. 

Still need to choose a light fixture and a couple shelves over the commode.

Phase 2 of the bathroom will be adding tile surround and a window! A long horizontal in the shower closer to the ceiling. 

- debating on leaving the tub or make it a shower only. 

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