Friday, May 24, 2013

Lace Dream Catcher

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If you would like to make your own,
  • an embroidery hoop
  • a lace cloth
  • vintage lace ribbon
  • random embellishments, such as ribbons, white feathers, swarvorski crystal beads to stitch in, 
  • mod podge and small brush 
  • needle & thread
  • cutting tool, I have rotor cutter, scissors will work too

lace dream catcher

I first used the mod podge and attached a ribbon around the hoop, only the one front one, the one that shows.
Second I chose a cloth, I used lace but you can use really any color, fabric that you like to look at.
I did tuck the ribbons inside the two hoops &  knotted.

Then I added the embellishments  I sewed some beads, glued some feathers, stitched some ribbon, made a pretty rosette from a bit of awesome ribbon I had (it's kinda hard to see in the pic, bottom left)

Last I added a piece of ribbon at the top, I did loosen the hoops & ran it through and knotted. This is to hang it up.

That's it!
My first attempt....what do you think?

I have more 8 embroidery hoops so I'll make more. Not sure yet what the next one will look like.

Nice thing about this craft you can pretty much use what you have on hand & be creative. It can be simple or gaudy or anything in between!

"A dream catcher consists of a circular wooden hoop containing a handcrafted design with a center hole. The bottom of the hoop features two or more dangling feathers. Hung above the dreamer, the dream catcher  filters dreams from the night air, letting only the good dreams or important messages through. Believed by some to concentrate good energy and neutralize negative energy". 

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